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Place a brief summary of the page and the images here? A perfect place for anything like pictures, sketches, logos or products on this page!

Custom pickup truck

A friend of mine did'nt understand the concept of 3d modeling so I started with a box by way of explanation and ended up with this custom pickup.

Custom pickup truck

Modelers clay version using light tracer. This one is a later version than the colour pic seen above or below, as you can see its had a bit of a stretch and roof chop jobbie. see below for original dimentions.

Custom pickup truck

Here it is with chrome pipes and new paint, its a kind of working mans prestige car. he he he

Stone face

A quick stone mask made for fun.


Just another detail intended for that animated movie I mentioned before.

Sharrads Jewellers
This is an Architectural visualisation I did using GI and loads of lights, I think there were about 47 in total.
4 person pipe
This is a pipe I modelled base on one I saw in Carnaby St.

last updated Nov 2005