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More Examples of my own work

Egg Pilot

He flies a glass egg shaped space craft, hopefully anims will be available soon.

Egg Pilot 2
Slightly further back, showing a little of his (mainly glass)space craft.
Mr Green
Tanglewood Rebel 5K

I couldn't resist modeling it. It sounds alright too.

Another custom build

Danny's Motor Shop helped me with reference,

So... This ones for you Dan.

The Front End

It's a bit 70's but what the heck. you end up with all sorts when your using your inner eye.

Custom build in black

I just thaught a black paint job might do it justice, but you can decide for yourself.

Custom build in clay

A special for the modelers of this world. They like it this way. Unfortunately it's an earlier version, so please excuse the lack of trimmings.

Akamatsus' Palace Entrance

This is an early incarnation of one of the many models being generated for a short animated ninja movie which seems to be looming in my future...

Stay tuned for further developments.

Red Ninja (Natsuko)

Eary test version of one of the characters to appear in our animated film short

Chaise Longue

This lovely piece of furniture lives with my brother,(who designed & built it) I thaught it so cool that I built a 3D replica.

Chaise Longue

As usual a clay version for modelers

Monkey Girl

Don't blame me, my mate gave her that name. She is not meant to be realistic, but a bit muscular in a cartoony sort of way, You know... everything big except her waist.

Monkey Girl

Come along now children, It's clay time.


last updated june 2004