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A few examples of My Work
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3 TD Prouction Logos

East Iz East Logo

China Town Logo

After Shock Logo1

After Shock Logo2

After Shock Logo3

3D Bike Model

Bruck Foreigner Lable

Teqela (Gedda Lucci)

Flash Inc. 1

Flash Inc. 2

Flash Inc. 3

Flash Inc. 4

Teqela Pinhead1

Teqela Pinhead2

Sekeena CD Cover

Sekeena CD Inlay

antman chrome

Up In Sound Flier1

Up In Sound Logo

Up In Sound Flier2

Teqela (if he was white)

Shadow Skill Syndicate Logo


clipper 1

clipper 2

clipper 3

custom 1

custom 2

custom 3